Unstructured Blazers: Go Lightweight with Lubiam This Summer

Boardroom meeting and it’s 20
°C outside? Summer wedding and don’t know how to look dapper in the deep heat?  Sometimes the occasion calls for you to look sharp, whatever the weather. Rescue yourself from sweltering in the sizzling weather with a lightweight, unstructured summer blazer.

The style has grown more and more popular in previous years and as menswear continues to diversify, tailoring has too. Some tailors are simply a cut above the rest though. Italian label Lubiam have managed to lock in the charm and delicacy of classic tailoring while bringing new, more casual elements to the table, making them a flawless solution to looking your best in blazing temperatures. We caught up with Seth, experienced tailor and Lubiam agent to tell us exactly why we should be all have a piece from the Italian tailors in our wardrobe for this season

What makes a Lubiam jacket the perfect choice for staying smart in the hot weather?
One of the signatures of Lubiam is the unstructured jacket which almost always comes unlined, and is therefore lighter in weight compared to a more traditional jacket/blazer.  This makes it more appropriate for the summer months as it is not only lighter but also has greater breathability and therefore more comfortable to wear.

What benefits do you get from buying into unstructured/ lightweight blazers?
One of the major benefits of unstructured jackets is they are great for travelling. You can literally just roll them up and pack it in your bag without damaging the shape of the garment.

What are we buying into and why should we invest in Lubiam?
Lubiam is one of the oldest men’s tailoring companies in Italy with over 100 years of heritage and expertise.  They are one of the forefathers of the Italian Tailoring Industry which remains today to be one of the most competitive in terms of their price quality ratio.  As a result of their very limited paid-for marketing, they are able to pass this saving onto the end consumer and are therefore very well priced compared to their direct competitors.

Could you give us a styling tip for a Lubiam jacket?
Lubiam has a young feel to their collections and particularly L.B.M. 1911 can be described as ‘casual elegant’.  Rather than wearing a jacket with a shirt, try with a piece of fine-gauge knitwear or even a t-shirt and with a pair of trainers such as Converse.

Need anymore convincing? Click here to get in touch with your Stylist and try new Lubiam in your trunk today!