Three Tried And Tested Ways To Nail Smart Casual

The Modern Gent
The l
ook: The Modern Gent

The details: This clean, simple and unfussy ensemble will see you proud for almost any daily occasion, whether that’s an important make-or-break business meeting or something much more challenging, like dinner with the in-laws. Don’t skimp on ironing, you’re at your best when fully pressed.

Styling tip: “Don’t ruin the crispness of this outfit with scrunched, untied hems. Add a neat turn-up, nothing too showy, around 2cm will do, to your chinos. They should sit around the top of your boot, showing off your dapper footwear in full.” – Laura, Chapar Stylist

The Creative CEO
The look: The Creative CEO

The details: This is effectively your classic tailored outfit rendered down to a more contemporary vibe. Each tailored element has been replaced with its casual counterpart, that when combined still deliver an office-appropriate just-smart-enough look. All the talk round the water cooler will be on just how damn handsome you are.

Stylist tip: “Injecting a few lighter colours, like a pale blue or white, will add freshness and bring a positive and uplifting cleanness to the classic navy and brown hues that are the building blocks of this solid office look.” – Ellis, Chapar Senior Stylist

The Classic Man
The look: The Classic Man

The details: This is certainly about as far towards casual as smart casual gets, but we’re confident it’s still within the remit. This might not be something you can wear in the boardroom but you’ll certainly look a bobby dazzler at Sunday lunch. You could always level-up the smartness with a shirt.

Styling tip: “It’s the small nuances that make all the difference with an outfit such as this. A pair of dirty, unpolished shoes will erode the smarter elements and plunge you into scruffiness. Put in that extra effort and bit of elbow grease to keep them shiny and tuck your shirt in while you’re at it.” – Victoria, Chapar Senior Stylist