The style basics every man needs (and four timeless outfits you can make with them)

With these five essential style staples, you can easily switch from smart to casual, and back again. Just imagine you’re in the kitchen…

Getting dressed is very much like cooking. A simple set of ingredients, when put
together right, can be transformed into something very tasty indeed.
What is vital though is those ingredients are of the highest quality – in both the kitchen and your wardrobe.

Semi Smart Casual Outfit Five Items Blazer Shirt Jumper Chino Jean Mix Match Mens Style
To cook up a great look, in practically any scenario, you’ll need the following to
choose from: a navy blazer, classic chino, great jean, fine-knit sweater and
hardwearing chambray shirt.

But what about the combinations to turn those quality staples into killer looks? Let the Chapar stylist team be your guide…

Smart Outfit Blazer Shirt Mix Match Mens Style
Keep it dapper (blazer + shirt = smart)
Whether it’s work, a date, or just because you’re one hell of a sartorial individual, the blazer and chino pairing has so many positives going for it that every man should have a least one version of this classic combo in his wardrobe.

This beautifully constructed Lubiam jacket is truly the star of the show – perhaps no surprise coming from a one hundred year old family owned company, who know a thing or two about timeless menswear.

Claudia’s tip: A classic chambray shirt on its own is ideal for those smart/casual events, but adding a tie will embellish this look further, upping your smartness tenfold.

Semi Smart Outfit Blazer Jumper Mix Match Mens Style
Go semi-pro (knit + blazer = semi-smart)
A blazer is a versatile beast and can bring a level of decorum to almost any outfit.

Here it elevates an understated jeans and jumper combo to a restaurant ready, semi-smart, ensemble.

Whether you decide to pair this with jeans or chinos, shoes or trainers, you’re on to a smart/casual winner.

Rachel’s tip: Keeping the collar of this crew neck unfussy gives this outfit a more
contemporary look. While you might be tempted to add a shirt to the mix, why not try it without first.

Semi Casual Outfit Jumper Shirt Mix Match Mens Style
Your drinking outfit (shirt + knit = semi-casual)
Who doesn’t need a pub-ready outfit? Strong on comfort – with ease of movement for an impromptu game of darts – casual yet still ultimately tidy.
This outfit ticks every box. It uses the same elements as with a smart blazer look, but the formalness has been stripped back to create a no-nonsense, simple, tidy ensemble.

Georgia’s tip: Your choice of shoe will tip this outfit one way or the other in the
smartness stakes. A formal leather pair will naturally dress it up, whereas a trainer will give you that cooler casual edge. *

Casual Outfit Chino Jumper Shirt Mix Match Mens Style
On weekend mode (shirt + chinos = casual)
Going casual without looking scruffy is an art often overlooked, but it’s something we all should have in our locker.

Subverting smart style staples is the perfect way to pull this off. Try unbuttoning your shirt and wearing it as a mid-layer over a quality knit or going for a trainer and turn-up on the chinos. You can always add a pop of colour with a bright belt or statement sock.

Emily’s tip: A simple white trainer is the ideal choice for a man of any age. Don’t let pre-conceptions of what you can and can’t wear stop you from looking your best. Why not ask your stylist for some extra tips?