Spring Style Essentials For Men

Sport British designed shoes

We’re both proud and excited to introduce Oliver Sweeney to The Chapar. The luxury cobbler fuses traditional hand stitched craftsmanship and fine Italian leather with contemporary styles to create shoes and trainers that’ll have you calling your stylist (hopefully!). If you want to own some seriously grown-up footwear, to elevate you above the hoi polloi, then Oliver Sweeney is for you.

Stock up on colour

Nothing says spring like a spot of colour. If your wardrobe is all navy and grey, then it’s time you brought a touch of joy to it with one of these pastel polo shirts from Dutch brand Scotch and Soda.

Stylist tip: Don’t over think it, rock one these colourful numbers with a pair of jeans and some trainers and you’ll have a strong look for a casual evening out.

Refresh your denim

Don’t wait until that embarrassing moment when your jeans bust at the crotch in your important budget meeting or on a first date, refresh them right now.  That’s right, keep on top of your denim game and get a new pair, relegating the old ones to more casual occasions or, if they’re worse for wear, for DIY only. Be sure to ask your stylist for advice on finding the perfect brand and fit for your needs.

Replace your undies

We hope we’re preaching to the converted on this one, but honestly, there comes a time in a man’s life where shabby pants and socks with holes are unacceptable. You’re better than that and you know it. What better time to bring a bit of freshness then to your undies draw this spring with the help of The Chapar.

Invest in quality light knits

If it’s not quite t-shirt weather you’re going to need a viable alternative and lightweight knitwear is just that. Suitably cosy but breathable, it will stand you in good stead for more inclement days. And since simple knits are timeless and above the whims of fashion, it’s worth investing in a quality brand for a better fit and durability.

Bonus care tip: Never hang knitwear, it will stretch and become misshapen and scruffy.

Re-style with layers

There’s an art to putting a layered outfit together, but it’s one you can master. Try offsetting textures like leather and denim, this is a brilliant way to add a new dimension to your look. Likewise, contrasting patterns such as checks and stripes can be equally as effective. Keep an eye not to clash colours, but do experiment, or better still ask your Chapar stylist to prep a couple of combos for you.