About Us

The Chapar concept originated from a father and son who believed that the way men buy clothes is fundamentally flawed. Frankly, men don't like to shop. They don't like shopping on the high street and they don't like shopping online. Joe Middleton, a veteran of the clothing industry knew there must be a 'third way' and The Chapar is it.

Personalised outfits delivered to your door. The Chapar Man is serviced by a team of personal stylists who learn everything they need to know about their client. Clothes are selected according to an intimate profile and are tailored to suit a particular lifestyle.

The Chapar man knows what he wants and now he knows where he can get it.

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The Chapar HQ

The Business Design Centre, Suite 223, Islington, N1 0QH

0203 762 2001


The Warehouse

10 Longwall Avenue, Queens Drive Industrial Estate, NOTTINGHAM, NG2 1NA