How To Pack The Perfect Weekend Bag

Every man deserves a long weekend away now and again. Something on the calendar to look forward to. With the tickets booked, why not let your Chapar stylist put together the perfect weekender trunk so you can step off the plane (or speedboat?) in style.

Pack the shacket…
The City Break
Whether it’s Barcelona, Florence or Berlin the premise of packing for a weekend in a foreign city is more or less the same: light, practical and above all, stylish.

Opt for lightweight garments you can layer or take off depending on the weather. This shacket (a handsome cross between a shirt and a jacket) is spot-on, while a mid-weight chino will serve you far better in warmer climes than standard denim. We suggest following a smart-casual theme when picking your outfits, so you can look the part while sipping an espresso outside the Duomo.

The key item: There’s a good chance that you’ll be spending dawn til dusk on your feet and walking miles on unforgiving pavements. Trainers might be an obvious footwear choice but while it works for the day, it won’t quite cut it in that fancy restaurant later on. Instead, go for a shoe/trainer hybrid. This mind-blowing lightweight pair from Peter Werth mixes a soft, springy trainer sole with the aesthetically pleasing upper of a derby.

Top tip: Sneak yourself some extra packing room by utilising the empty space in your shoes (not the ones on your feet) filling them with socks, toiletries or valuables like a watch or jewellery.

Bring the blazer…
The Staycation

Who needs Las Vegas when we have Blackpool? Or the French Riviera when there’s glorious Cornwall? There are a wealth of great places to visit right here at home. And just because you’re keeping it relatively local, doesn’t mean you should forgo a little effort in the style stakes.  Without the ludicrous baggage charges and with time on your side, it offers the opportunity to be that dapper, smooth-talking and handsome chap that’s sometimes hard to unleash on an average Monday morning.

The key item: We’re huge fans of the unconstructed blazer – this softer version of the classic suit jacket should be an absolute staple in every man’s travel bag. Firstly, it both looks and feels great (you can’t help but radiate confidence and awesomeness in one). Secondly, it’s versatile, making a brilliant partner for jeans, matching or contrasting chinos or even a pair of tailored shorts. And finally, without the shoulder pads and ridged structure of more formal tailoring, it can be packed into a weekend bag without taking up much space.

Top tip: Roll instead of folding your blazer when packing. It’ll stay fresher and be ready to wear straight out of your bag. And if it does crease, just hang it in a steamy bathroom for a short period of time and they’ll fall right out.

Pop in the swimmers…
The Beach Break
There’s nothing quite as pleasant as that first bit of real summer sun on your vitamin D starved skin, that instant sense of relaxation it brings is like nothing else. Don’t add any unnecessary stress with the packing, just stick in a pair of great chinos, a couple of pairs of shorts and some classy flip-flops and you’re done. All you need now is a good book or podcast and some noise cancelling headphones and you can bask in the glory of those yellow rays and feel your stress drift away.

The key item: No beach break is complete without a truly killer pair of swimmers. That means binning those chlorine-faded, sun bleached shorts that you’ve been trawling out for the past few years and investing in a pair that says ‘H O L I D A Y’ in billboard-sized letters.

These ones from Scotch & Soda certainly tick that box. The floral motif gives the message that you’re a confident man who isn’t afraid to order a sex on the beach at the bar, while the deep navy colour means they’re not overly brash, keeping you with that air of riviera sophistication.

Top tip: A tasteful pair of swim shorts double as an extra pair of day shorts, perfect for shopping or heading into the town. Just throw on a t-shirt and smart trainers and away you go.

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