The Best Lightweight Spring Jackets Right Now

Best for the working week…
The Trench Coat

Why you need one: This classic piece of menswear never goes out of fashion. A timeless staple, it’s an essential go-to for British springtime due to its thigh-length cut, lightweight construction, and water resistant powers. Perfect for hopping from one meeting to the next dodging showers as you go.

Wear it with: For working days, a trench coat will look exceptional with tailoring and the smarter elements of your wardrobe. Don’t overthink or over style it, this is a grown up jacket that makes a strong statement; simplicity is key.

Styling tip: Come the weekend pair your trench with some faded jeans and smart trainers for a contemporary twist on a classic piece.

Best for the great outdoors…
The Wax Jacket

Why you need one: Sewn up in this jacket’s waxy water resistant seams are over 120 years of textile experience and craft. It should come as no surprise then that we’re lording a Barbour as a seriously hardy investment. Tough and hardwearing, even when it does start to wear out their South Shields factory will happily have it re-waxed and back to its best. Oh, and they’re a favourite of the Royal Family, is there any greater endorsement (David Beckham excluded)?

Wear it with: A style best paired with the great outdoors. Keep it casual, mixing colours like burgundy, browns and mustard with the earthy tones of a Barbour to create a harmonious look.

Styling tip: Natural materials like leather, cotton and wool are the ideal accompaniment to this traditional garment. And why not go the whole hog and add a premium pair of wellies.

Best for your inner Steve McQueen…
The Field Jacket

Why you need one:  A great all-rounder, the field jacket with its roots in military uniform, makes for a versatile choice for everyday wear. This no-nonsense and unfussy jacket does everything you need from it, keeping you dry, looking good and with ample pockets, so you’ll never be short of a place to store your Murray Mints.

Wear it with: This is a style so effortlessly cool, that you can apply the same amount of effort when getting dressed. Just throw it over some jeans and a t-shirt and you’ll look Steve McQueen reincarnate. Bring a bit of spring to your outfit with a pop of colour, in this case a burnt orange.

Styling tip: With its cropped cut this jacket is great for appearing to lengthen your legs; an especially useful trick if you’re on the shorter side. To accentuate this further, opt for a slimmer pair of jeans. Ask your stylist for a selection in your next trunk.   

Best for the first BBQ of the year…
The Blazer

Why you need one: Though not regarded as a true piece of outerwear, it doesn’t mean that the humble blazer can’t be treated as such. Ok, so it might not keep the rain off your back but it looks damn good on a dry, warm spring day.

Wear it with: To add versatility, and a little protection should the weather quickly change, pair with a mid-layer. Make sure it’s nothing too bulky, which could ruin the cut of your blazer, a down jacket being the prefect choice. It’s super light so you won’t feel constricted but will give you that much needed extra warmth when the sun goes AWOL.

Styling tip: Adding a pair of smart leather trainers to a blazer helps turn this office-wear staple into a contemporary street-ready look.


Best for a relaxed night out
The Shacket

Why you need one: When it’s not quite a shirt, but not nearly a jacket, it’s a ‘shacket’. Essentially this is a new name for an old staple, what in the past would have been known as an over-shirt. This look has been a key trend in menswear for the last few years, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon, which we salute.

Wear it with: Like with a lot of good menswear, this is a jacket you don’t need to over complicate. It’ll look at home with nearly all of your casual gear, but we do have a particular love for rocking it with chinos and pumps, and who doesn’t love a Breton stripe too?

Styling tip: While a shacket looks great styled with a t-shirt, why not try layering a sweat top or even another shirt under it instead? Both make brilliant accompaniments to this spring must-have.