Are you rocking Riviera chic or a normcore classic? Let us find the perfect pair for you.

The Classic Gent
There’s something to be said for keeping it simple. In fact, we prefer the term elegant, because knowing how to look good without the bells and whistles takes a mix of skill, good taste and refinement. 

These great quality and beautifully made shorts from Eden Park are ideal for the more sophisticated poolside gent. 

Style with… A classy short sleeved polo. Don’t be afraid of colour, but don’t over do it either. A safe bet is to match your top with your shorts, going one or two tones brighter or darker in the same colour. Finish your look off with a grown-up flip flop. 

Most likely to be found… Sipping a Martini and reading the paper by your private pool. ‘Jeeves! Fetch me another canapé old boy’.

Swim Shorts Holiday Outfit Mens
The Pool King

Holidays are a great time to throw off the shackles of conventional style and really go all out and have some fun. Get some bold patterns and properly live it up. 

These Scotch & Soda shorts make for the perfect pool partner, a stylish combo of a heavy navy base and strong print will have heads turned in your direction for all the right reasons. 

Style with… Don’t overthink it, these shorts are the star of the show and won’t need much work to make them look good. Just about any choice of tee will be ideal but, as always, we’re partial an extra print. We’ve opted for this single colour motif that brings the heat without overpowering your shorts. 

Most likely to be found… Getting straight 10s for your perfect execution of the cannon ball off of the top diving board. 

Swim Shorts Holiday Outfit Mens
The Sophisticated Man
For those of us who want something a bit different than plain shorts but aren’t quite up for the more showy floral and vibrant prints, this pair is for you. 

Decked out in a powder blue with a subtle white stripe, these offer an added interest without over playing your hand. A good choice for any man looking to bring a touch of class to the beach.  

Style with… A short sleeve. While wearing layers at the beach might seem an odd suggestion, having the option of throwing a short-sleeved shirt over your tee definitely brings a different dynamic to your style. Plus, it’s great towards the end of the day when that post beach beer is calling your name. 

Most likely to be found… Snoozing under an umbrella with a classic book. ‘You’re going to need a bigger lilo’.

Swim Shorts Holiday Outfit Mens
The Leader Of The New School

These slick shorts bring the traditional floral design bang into the realms of contemporary style with their clever minimal repeat print.

The soft pink roses, backed by a deep petrol blue, give them an added punch, while the contrasting burgundy and silver-tipped draw strings provide a quality bit of detailing. 

Style with… A printed t-shirt and some killer slides. It’s hard to pinpoint when the slide on sandal became the style statement that it is, but it’s one we approve of and is the perfect foil for these modern shorts. 

Most likely to be found…
Mingling with the A-list on an oligarch’s private superyacht.

Swim Shorts Holiday Outfit Mens