Trooping around on a street safari hunting galleries and interesting places to eat needs clothing that’s fit for purpose (mainly looking bloody good).

Hitting the trail of the best museums, galleries and bars can take its toll on your toes. To get you through a full day’s cobble-bashing there’s nothing better (other than perhaps a foot massage) than a sturdy pair of desert boots - and we recommend this pair from J Shoes to help you do it in style (ask your stylist to include a pair in your next Chapar trunk).

For a little more of a casual feel, look no further than Converse. Not only are Cons a respected style classic from Lima to Leicester, they have an incredible ability to pack-down until almost flat, saving you some serious suitcase space and leaving room for that straw donkey, pink sombrero or any other holiday trinkets you pick up on your travels.

For the rest of your attire pack those smart-casual classics: chinos, a handful of high-quality logo-less tees, shirts and plain knits. By keeping it simple and understated you’ll look as chic as the locals, and these low-maintenance, easily-interchangeable items will free up more time to spend drinking your morning coffee and chowing down on a warm buttery croissant.

And For The Evening

Be sure to pack enough pieces to be able to throw-on a fresh change for twilight excursions. One tidy sweat top or lightweight knitted jumper is enough for cooler nights and can be tied around the waist or shoulders like an Argentine polo player when not in use.

An oxblood coloured loafer is the perfect addition to lift any casual outfit to smarter levels; wear these sans-socks and your trousers a fraction shorter (rolled to around ankle level) for maximum effect.

The final touches

Add some serious accessories to crown your look. Whether it’s killer pair of sunnies, great watch or practical hat, these details attract the right sort of attention. And to cover all those kilometers without breaking a sweat - you’ll need a dapper rucksack like this understated one from Eastpak.  

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