What Is It? 
We’re not sure who first coined this slightly annoying word, probably the same portmanteau-loving person who named ‘the puggle’, but ‘the shacket’ is a big deal in the world of men’s fashion and has been for a couple of years now.

The general rule of thumb for this masculine work-wear-style garment is that it should be the same silhouette (fit and length) as a standard shirt with cuffs and collar but made from a heavier material. It’s not a new phenomenon just a new word for what was traditionally referred to as an over-shirt.

Why Wear One?
This is a trend that’s caught the attention of style bibles such as GQ and Esquire, as well as more dapper celebrity icons Ryan Gosling and Daniel Craig. That’s not a bad endorsement to start with but, but it’s the practicality of this garment that make it an Autumn essential.

The shacket comes into its own in the months where the weather can’t make up its damn mind. Freezing cold in the morning, barmy afternoons, then throwing it down in the evening - it’s easy to be caught in style limbo. Sitting between a shirt and jacket, and easy to layer, the shacket is brilliantly adaptable and stylish option for Autumn months.

How To Rock It
The shacket is an incredibly versatile item, bar the smartest of tailoring, it’s a piece of kit that goes with almost all of the rest of your casual clobber. It’s typically worn unbuttoned over a T-shirt and with either jeans or chinos. But it’s much more useful than that, it can be worn over a sweat top or lightweight knitwear to equal effect.

Our preference is to layer it over an Oxford shirt or polo. The double collar is both surprising and stylish and will have people secretly applauding your daring dash. As always, add a smart trainer or casual shoe to finish your look off with great aplomb.