Victoria's perfect gift for… those who need to relax
“A spa day is admittedly one of our favourite ideas for a Valentine’s gift in the office, because who doesn’t want a bit of massage therapy?! You don’t have to fork out for a spa either, with companies like UrbanMassage who will come to your door from as little as £49.”

Jade's perfect gift for… days out  
“Partnered memberships for organisations such as National Trust (£114py) or Art Fund (£105py) are the perfect choice for those who want an excuse to get out of the house and explore together. “

 perfect gift for… cutting the date short
“A giant teddy bear! It can be obnoxious to purchase and hell to carry around. It might seem like a grand gesture, but dealing with it after dinner is not ideal.” 

 perfect gift for…those on a budget
“Make a playlist! Small, personal things like showing you get my music taste or introducing me to new songs I will like are what gets me!”

perfect gift for… creating a spark
"Your best-dressed self. Making an effort for your partner truly is the perfect gift, they will appreciate seeing you at the absolute top of your game, and it gives you a chance to really remind them why they fell (or should fall) for you."