Find Your Colour Pallet

One of the biggest style faux pas a man can make is picking a colour too close to their own skin tone. This can look just plain bad up top, cashing with your complexion, but when it comes to shorts it can make for some pretty awkward moments as people do a double take thinking you’re nude from the waist down. As a rule, chose a colour either two notches or more down or up from your skin tone to avoid any unseemly errors.

Orange Blue Mens Outfit Personal Stylist
Be Brave, Go Bold

It’s time to take the bull by the metaphorical horns and embrace wearing colour
properly. We’re not just talking about a bit here and there, no, it’s all about really
going for it. Why not ask your stylist to include this handsome Scotch & Soda sweat top in your next delivery? Ideal for late summer nights sitting out on the terrace, and also a welcome pop of colour that’ll see you through into winter in style.

Yellow Mens Outfit
Get Your Combos Down

Hitting the right notes with your colour pairings is key no matter what the season, but in summer - with more colours to play with - it’s absolutely essential.
It’s not hard however, there are a handful of good solutions to stick in your mental locker for when you need them. Amongst our favourites are navy and pink, green and purple, turquoise and red, and our favourite, yellow and grey (as pictured). Ask your stylist to supply some ready-made combos in your next Chapar trunk.

Rachel's Tip: It’s good to remember you don’t always have to go all out with colour. For instance, the combo of red and turquoise is pretty overwhelming but when used as small accents through accessories or layers they come into their own.