We're really feeling the chill here at Chapar HQ, so we've turned our attention to coats. A versatile navy coloured jacket will see you through colder seasons in style, here are five of our favourites.

The Field Jacket

Ideal for the outdoorsman, this quality piece of outerwear from British mainstay Hackett is as practical as it is stylish. It’ll take you from a walk on the moors to a beer in the boozer with absolute ease. Beef it up with a scarf and gloves when the weather turns colder.

Stylist tip: Navy and burgundy is a much overlooked colour combo, don’t let it be that way. Make it your go-to pairing for winter days.

The Quilted Down Coat

When the going gets tough, the tough turn to the down jacket. Packed with fibres that trap heat, it doesn’t get much warmer than this. It’s like stepping out of the house with your duvet wrapped around you, and who hasn’t had at least one day where we’ve dreamed of doing that?

Stylist tip: Matching the colour of your trainers to your jacket can make an outfit feel that bit more considered; a useful trick when wanting to add a touch of smartness to an otherwise casual look.

The Double Breasted

Looking for a coat good for both a professional image at the office and for a smart night out on the town? Then put this one on your list. Clean lined and unfussy, the double row of buttons take their style cues from the traditional pea coat, while the lightweight fabric makes it perfect for layering.

Stylist tip: Navy suede boots can also hold their own in both the office and in a more casual setting. Perfect for kicking autumn leaves (or your work rival into touch).

The Car Coat

When a garment is this sparse on adornments, there really is no place to hide how well it’s constructed. If there’s no fancy pockets, shiny buttons or anything else to draw the eye, the only thing you can judge it on is the cut, and this jacket from Samsoe and Samsoe really nails it. It’s masculine elegance in one stylish package.

Stylist tip: "In my opinion, not enough men embrace the monk strap shoe (pictured). It may be due to the number of laced-up options available, but if you haven’t tried one, give it a go for some extra show."

The Parka

With a rich history, beginning with the armed services and dipping into almost every subculture through the last 50 years, this robust jacket is a menswear design classic. A true style staple, above the ever-changing whims of fashion, no man’s wardrobe is really complete without one.

Stylist Tip: You can’t go wrong pairing a parka with desert boots, but for a more outdoorsy feel opt for a chukka or hiking-inspired boot.

If you're looking for the perfect coat but aren't sure which one is right for you, why not get one of our personal Stylists to send you a selection? There's no commitment, you'll only pay for what you keep!

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