Chapar stylists come ready to answer any style query, and these are the most frequently asked.

You’ve got a question, we’ll answer it for you. If it’s about your lunch (why not go for the jacket potato) we’ll give it a go, but where we excel is of course style.

Every day our stylists are asked hundreds of different questions but there are a few which pop up again and again…

 Q: I want to upgrade my wardrobe - where do I start?

A: We assume you’re talking menswear and not cupboard construction, but just like a house a good wardrobe and outfit are built from the foundations up. That means having a stock of high quality basics and staples is absolutely essential.

Make sure you own at least one good pair of chinos and jeans, a denim or chambray shirt, a classic white cotton shirt, and a selection of well made T-shirts. For shoes, a solid trend-proof derby or brogue is a must.

With these at your disposal, life becomes much easier and a whole lot more stylish from here on in.

Q: Am I too old to wear a hoody?

A: We get asked aged related questions a lot here at The Chapar, like there’s a rule that when a man reaches 40 he’s not allowed to wear anything remotely sporty.

This is of course tosh. It doesn’t matter what your age, garments and accessories such as hoodies, trainers, tees and caps are fair game for all, but the way you execute them does have to be that bit more considered.

Keep it simple, avoid backwards caps, hoodies under blazers and loud sneakers. Opt for a more mature colour palette of navy and black or tones like mustard and forest green. This way you’ll be more stylish than sporty, and have the perfect weekend chill out kit to hand.

Q: I’ve got big thighs, what trousers do I wear?

A: If you’ve been blessed with a sporty physique, don’t fret. Even though it can make finding the right trouser more complicated, help is at hand from your Chapar stylist.

There are a variety of solutions depending on your needs, it can be as simple as a wider-at-the-thighs carrot cut or just finding the right brands for your build. Either way, we have you covered and your personal stylist is on hand to talk through all your wants and needs.

Q: Can I wear brown shoes with blue trousers?

A: There was a time when this colour combo was considered sartorial sacrilege, a momentous crime against fashion that would have more dignified members of society turning their heads with scorn.

Thankfully that was over 30 years ago and menswear has progressed, even if the myth does persist somewhat.

If you’re still struggling to find the right tones, try a rich ox blood. This red-toned brown colour can stand up to almost any hue of blue you pair it with. Failing that, if matching shoes with an outfit proves too time consuming, let us do the hard work and have your stylist put together a couple of winning combos for you. 

Q: What coat do I wear with a blazer?

A: While style rules are made to be broken, wearing a coat with a longer length than the blazer underneath is always a winner. A classic Mackintosh provides a reliable go-to for this tried-and-tested look, and what’s more it can be worn with more formal tailoring too.

As the weather moves into the chiller seasons, trading lightweight materials for more cold-proof fabrics like wool is a must. This elegant yet robust blazer from Italian menswear specialists Lubiam, pictured above, is a perfect example of this and could well turn up in your next trunk (if you ask your stylist nicely, that is).