It doesn’t need to be January to make a game-changing upgrade to your wardrobe

More brutal exercise; less tasty food; more green shakes that smell suspiciously like cut grass. No wonder that, 
according to Business Insider, more than 80% of new year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February.

Taking a step up in style shouldn’t be one of them. Whatever the time of year, it’s possible to make small changes with big results, especially with the Chapar here to help. It’s also a lot easier than doing a 10k run at 6 am.

Smarten up
Dressing a little smarter is the most common style resolution men make but, like not drinking on school nights, it can quickly fall by the wayside.

The trick is to make a small step up: a pair of easy-care smart trousers; three or four shirts you wear in rotation; a crisp long-sleeved polo. Simply upgrading one part of your outfit can instantly make you look and feel smarter.

Thankfully, the Chapar is here to do the hard bit for you. Just give your stylist a call and we’ll put together a smart ensemble to match your tastes.

Invest in the big tickets
We’ve all done it — gone into a shop and fallen in love with a piece of clothing only to regret buying it the minute we get home.

It might have felt right at that moment but in the cruel light of day, we start asking questions. Does it suit me? Does it look a bit cheap? Didn’t I see Piers Morgan in it?

The answer is to invest in the items you’ll wear most and to spend time getting them right. For the majority of us that means denim, semi-smart shoes and a good coat.

These big-ticket items are worth investing in because they’ll pay for themselves by the sheer amount they’re worn.

At the Chapar, we make finding these items effortless and give you ample time to try them on at home.

Treat yourself to new pants
It’s often said that you can judge a man by his shoes. We’d go as far as saying that the same is true of his underwear.

Think about it: what signals does a threadbare pair of briefs send out? Even if it’s simply because you’re short on time, looking after family or saving the world in some shape or form, we know you can do better!

Also, don’t push them to the back of your drawer to become ‘emergency pants’ worn only when you haven’t done the laundry for two weeks. Be decisive and stick them in the bin.

Now the hard part is done, put your feet up, call your Chapar stylist and we’ll send some fresh stylish pants straight to your door. Why not throw in some new socks for good measure?

Try something new
It’s so easy to get into a style rut. One minute you’re looking good in a simple but contemporary outfit, the next minute — or rather decade — you’re wearing essentially the same thing and lacking that stylish punch and a touch of swagger.

The good news is it’s simple to get back on track. One of the best ways is to find someone whose style you like. That could be anyone from David Beckham to Idris Elba, or even Dave in accounting.

Now you have a template to base your next purchase on, ask your stylist to include some appropriate pieces in your trunk, then try them on in the veritable safety of your own house.

Try and make at least one small change a month. Introduce a pattern, try a trainer or a colour other than navy. We know you have it in you and we’ve got your back.

Commit to comfort
You work damn hard — probably too damn hard. Now take your downtime as seriously.

We’re not talking about fitting in an Open University course at weekends or learning Japanese in the evenings (unless that floats your boat of course). We’re talking about making the absolute most of what valuable downtime you have and to do that, you need to maximise comfort.

This requires owning some seriously comfortable loungewear, like a quality pair of jogging bottoms and sweat top combo.

This might seem like an understated investment but we guarantee it’s one you won’t regret. So take off those paint-splattered jogging bottoms and coffee-stained band tee and slip into something a whole lot more comfortable and luxurious. You deserve it.