Our stylist team are here to help decipher the lexicon of autumn menswear

It’s that time of the year when summer is waining but the full bone-chilling cold of
winter hasn’t quite got its icy grip on our wardrobes. What you need are some
seasonal wardrobe essentials, and a few key style terms to go with it.

Mid-layers explained...
Mid-layer is a word bandied around frequently in the fashion world, but there’s
nothing complicated about it. It should come as little surprise that it’s just shorthand for anything that is a middle layer between your jacket and t-shirt, or thermals.

A whole host of garments come under this umbrella term – from hoodies to over-
shirts – but what they all have in common is their versatility, especially come autumn.

Stock up now, and you’ll have a choice of go-to items for layering on those days
when the weather can’t quite make up its mind what season it is.

Monochrome Mid Layer Jumper Mens Autumn Winter
Laura's tip: Monochrome is a brilliant way to keep your casual outfit looking sharp and considered.

Blue Trouser Brown Shoe Mens Mid Layer High Neck Jumper
Liam's tip: Wondering what shoe to put with your pale blue trousers? Brown is
always a strong choice, and a lighter shade, such as this caramel pair, are ideal.

Trans-seasonal pieces explained...
There are plenty of mornings when we have that decision to make: ‘What can I wear to make sure I’m not too cold or too hot?’ In this situation, a man requires a garment that can straddle the seasons like a rock god between two giant speakers.

Whereas shorts are confined largely to the summer, and an arctic parka to the winter, a true trans-seasonal piece can see many a season through. Items such as mid-layers (see above) fall into this category along with lightweight coats, denim jackets and cagoules.

While these might not hold up to winter’s fiercest wrath, when layered with other light clothing they make the perfect mid-season choice for changeable weather.

Colour Pop Cool Colours Winter Mid Layer Outfit Mens
Rachel's tip: Try adding a pop of colour to a cooler pallet. It brings a bit of welcome vibrancy to your outfit.

Mens Denim Jacket Chino Autumn Winter Outfit Jumper
Stylist tip: Love a denim jacket but afraid of falling into the double denim trap? Why not stock up on some seasonally appropriate chinos? A perfect foil for your new jacket.