We’re big food fans here at The Chapar; not only is it pretty essential in keeping you alive- it’s a conversation starter, a great excuse to get together with friends and there’s not many things more exciting than trying out a new restaurant. 

But we don’t think good food has to be fancy. We love all different kinds of eateries  and unlike Joey, we don’t mind sharing our favourites with you.  

Great if you’re looking for somewhere to show off to your friends

Restaurant: 20 Stories
Location: Manchester
Price: ££££

As the name suggests, this restaurant is pretty high up, which means great views, great pictures and fortunately, great food as well. 20 Stories is the perfect venue if you're after the "wow factor" - with a rooftop garden, an outside bar with incredible views over the city and a truly beautiful interior, your friends are bound to be impressed by this choice. The food lives up to the standard you'd expect from somewhere so well put together and it definitely adopts the "quality over quantity" mentality - the menu might not be extensive, but it sure is delicious!

Great if you’re looking for somewhere off the beaten track  

Restaurant: Knife
Location: Clapham, London
Price: ££

Knife is one of the newer additions to this South-West location and you'd be forgiven for walking straight past it. A very understated building that doesn't look too impressive from the outside, but once you're inside, its design and level of service is second to none. 

It specialises in seriously good steaks, but be sure to make room for the complimentary bread and Yorkshire puddings (yes, you read that right) before your main meal. This isn't a place you'll leave wanting more, the portion sizes are mighty and with so many incredible side dishes to choose from, you'll want to try them all (we recommend the dauphinoise potatoes). 


Great if you’re looking for somewhere with a purpose

Restaurant: The Clink Restaurant
Location: Brixton, London
Price: ££

Long gone are the days of Brixton's bad reputation, this vibrant London neighbourhood is now home to some of our favourite places to grab a bite, and this is definitely the most unique restaurant on our list. The Clink is set in the walls of Brixton prison where you are waited on by one of the inmates. Staffed by prisoners working towards qualifications in food and customer services industries, The Clink’s aim is to help rehabilitate their prisoners and find employment for them upon release. With a 49% reduction in reoffending, we’d say they’re doing a pretty good job at it.

It’s not easy to get a table though, forget ‘walk-ins’ - you’ll need to put your name down in advance so the prison can security check you, and once you’re accepted, there’s no phones, handbags or alcohol allowed inside. But if you've got nothing to hide, it's great value for money as well as being a one of a kind experience; a three course Sunday lunch will only set you back £30.

Great if you’re a vegetarian

Restaurant: Bundobust
Location: Leeds
Price: ££

Inspired by the street foods of India, Bundobust serves traditional Indian food with a modern twist. You won’t find meat on the menu, so it’s perfect for full-time vegetarians and those of you who are trying to reduce how much meat you eat.

It’s not just about the food here though, they have an extensive craft beer menu, from local and international breweries. Indian food and a beer? Sounds like the perfect combination if you ask us.

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Great if you’re a pasta lover

Restaurant: Padella
Location: London Bridge, London
Price: £

What’s better than really good pasta? Cheap pasta! If you don’t mind queuing (trust us, it’s worth the wait), then you need to add Padella to your London list. Situated on the edge of Borough Market, it’s an intimate restaurant with open kitchens, so you can watch the chef making your pasta in front of you.

There’s a reason this place is raved about; the food is delicious, but with a three course meal for 2 people coming it at less than £45 - it won’t break the bank either - so your stomach and bank account will thank you.

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