How to wear a blazer in warmer weather

Owning a blazer is smart thinking. It’s versatile: in one outfit casual, in another elegant. It can be worn to the polo or the pub; donned at the office or to a wedding. If you haven’t already made space for one in your wardrobe, we most definitely recommend you do. 

And once you have a classy blazer to hand, here are two strong spring/summer looks you can’t go wrong with…

The Sartorial Slant

By matching a chino or drill pant in the same colour and tone of your blazer, you’re effectively creating a suit - a softer and more summer friendly one at that. Change the colour of the trouser though and this makes for a very different feel, it’s still smart but more ‘cocktails on the terrace’ smart.

Whichever you go for, your choice of footwear will add to the vibe you’re aiming for. For instance, a weighty and structured shoe such as a derby or brogue gives off an air of authority, making it the perfect option for the office. While something a bit more fancy like a loafer or driving shoe will place you firmly in the realm of a night out or spring wedding.

Why not try: Deconstruct this smart look by swapping out the shirt for a good quality t-shirt; an excellent option for summer evenings. 

Keeping It Casual

Wearing a blazer in a more casual setting is often seen as a bit of a challenge, but it needn’t be. The trick is to stop considering it as the little brother to the suit jacket and start thinking of it more like you would a denim or Harrington jacket.

This should remove some of the mental hurdles you may have built-up on how to style this wardrobe gem - and remember good, classic style should never be complicated.

When looking to keeping it casual the options are practically endless and, much like with the sartorial look, you can mix or match in other items to create varying degrees of smartness. For layering, resist anything bulkier than a sweat shirt, the last thing you want is for the jacket to become tight. Not only is this uncomfortable and restrictive but it’ll ruin the garment’s clean lines.

Why not try: Swapping out the jeans for a pair of shorts, you’d be surprised how cool and effective of a look this can be on a spring day or warm summer’s night.