Double denim can be a difficult combination to get right, but it's predicted to be big this year, so we asked our Stylists for their top tips on how to wear double denim, and wear it with pride.

Is the return of The Canadian Tuxedo (aka Double denim) a welcome one?

It’s something that never really goes away. We see head to toe denim more often than not but don’t always notice if it’s not the bold blue on blue statement that has and always will keep coming back. We’ve been embracing more and more of that classic look and have seen it everywhere from the runways to the streets.

How has what was regarded as a serious fashion faux pas come steaming back onto our fashion radars?

Dressing like your Dad has been making a comeback. An interesting movement championing functional and comfortable outfit choices that look like you don’t have the time between changing nappies and doing the school run has been dubbed “Dadcore”. Balenciaga’s SS18 Collection was even inspired by “young dads in the park with their kids”. Double denim fits snugly into the category, and Raf Simons SS17 campaign was covered in it, so that helps too.

How should we be wearing it in 2018?

Complete your look with a neutral coloured jumper or tee (graphic optional) and a pair of “Dad trainers” if you want to go full swing on the fashion front. Looking to play it a little safer? For easy style points, go for contrasting denim to break up your outfit and create clear visual guidelines.

What kind of touches should we be adding to really make it our own?

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try doubling up your black, grey or white denim for the typical Canadian Tux look, or mix and match! A white denim jacket will look smashing with a black tee and some dark denim as will a light denim shirt and some beige, white or grey jeans.

Give us a few pointers if we decide this look is for us.

We should...

If you’re looking to play it safe, choose from two different shades of denim. Even if it’s only slight, creating a clear distinction between each layer is a surefire way to steer clear of a double denim don’t.

Buy into a tight squeeze. Denim will stretch and mold to your shape once worn in. To ensure you get your true size and in turn the most bang for your buck, go for the size that feels a little uncomfortable at first. You’ll thank me later!

We shouldn’t…

Wash your denim. It can last you years if you avoid the machine as much as possible and treat your denim with a little refresh spray instead. It will stay crisp and clean whilst holding in the dye and giving it a chance to sculpt itself to your shape. We recommend Dr. Blacks, request a bottle in your next Chapar trunk!