Three easy and effective looks for your summer suitcase.

Smart and Classy

Dressing smart for hot climates is always a bit of a dilemma, we want to look our best but keeping cool is key. Shorts and bare legs, even when done well, can feel too informal, so where do we turn? The answer is the classic combination of the linen shirt and cotton trouser. 

These natural fabrics allow air to circulate nicely while retaining the dapper edge that a British gent requires abroad. The time-old khaki colour pallet is ideal to beat the heat and gives you an explorer edge to boot, which is no bad thing. Be sure to tuck your shirt in and keep your shoes comfy. 

Smart Classy Travel Style

Mid-Weight Chic

Who doesn’t love a pair of chinos? They’re effortlessly stylish and you can throw on almost anything on with them and they’ll look great. However, rather than going for your classic beige or navy, why not stretch your legs into a pair in a less standard hue?

In sage green they make the perfect trouser for strolling down the high street of any Riviera town and you’ll look at home taking in a fish supper and glass of champagne at a fancy marina-side bar.  

Now you’ve paired your food and wine, it’s time for your wardrobe. This pink polo makes an excellent choice, the two colours vibe off of each other perfectly – and with your newly acquired tan you’ll look the money. 

Stylist’s Tip: When packing your case, try rolling t-shirts and chinos instead of folding them. This will avoid any hard creases, making ironing much easier on arrival. 

Mid Weight Chic Travel Style

Casual City Kit

Getting kitted out for foreign streets doesn’t have to be a dressy affair, but it should always be classy, that means looking sharp even when you’re at your most relaxed.

This can be as simple as thinking about your colour pallet, such as matching your bag with your trousers as we’ve done here. It might sound easy, but it’s these small details that make the difference. 

Of course, having some stylish clobber to back it up always helps. This logo sweat from Danish brand Les Deux definitely fits that bill. Having just joined the Chapar’s ranks this season, we’re expecting big things to come from this stylish crew. 

Casual City Break Travel Style