From your style to your smile, these are the dos and don’ts of making a winning first impression

It doesn’t matter which dating app you’ve plumped for — when it comes to your
profile picture, your audience is likely to be ruthlessly swift in judgement.

With mere milliseconds to make a good first impression, what you wear (or don’t
wear) is going to make all the difference. With that in mind, here’s our handy guide to getting you profile-picture perfect.

Do: use black and white
Monochromatic images receive a whopping amount of likes compared to their
coloured counterparts. This could be because they lend you a movie-star quality
or, more likely, that you simply stand out from the crowd.

Creating an outfit that’ll work in an image sans colour isn’t as tricky as it sounds.
Focus on tones and build a look with at least three different hues.

Bailey's tip: Patterns are a great way to make a simply coloured outfit interesting. If this is slightly out of the box for you, start with something classic like a stripe or check and work your way up to a more ‘out-there’ motif.

Don’t: come together

If your photo features other people, your dating app success could plummet as a
result. For one, you’re not necessarily the focus of attention and for two, you
don’t want people to have to figure out which one you are.

Likewise, avoid other potential distractions such as novelty filters. You may think
you look handsome with furry ears and a dog nose but believe us, this is not and
never will be the case. Not even when the licking tongue pops out.

Do: smile
All frowns should be upside down, but aim to keep those pearly whites hidden.
You’re more likely to receive a like on your image when you’re not showing your
teeth. Looking straight into the camera will increase your chances further.

If you’re struggling with your image looking a bit dry or serious, why not try out
a few expressions and see what works for you? Maybe even have a go at method acting — get into character over a day or two, order yourself a dry martini and then snap! We know how smooth you are, so relax, smile and project your dashing personality to the world.

Don’t: post those holiday pics
It might seem odd, but a picture is less likely to be right-swiped if you’re on a
beach. On the flip side, sporty images (and we don’t mean tight Speedos) are
more likely to get traction.

Go for an image that hints at sport as opposed to an all-out sweat-fest. We
recommend an outfit like this (pictured). It hints nicely at athleticism but will
also make you look like the type of man who’s willing to run out to the corner
shop on a Sunday morning.

Georgina's tip: Every man should opt for a cuff-hemmed sweatpant. These tapered contemporary trousers are stylish and flatter the figure more than the old-school baggy kind.

Do: go full length

People want to get as much detail about you as they can and if all your shots are
cropped, it feels like you’re only telling half the story.

For a start, you could have questionable taste in shoes. Remedy this by
consulting with your Chapar stylist to find the perfect pair. You want something
that shows a bit of your personality — the best bits ideally! Make sure they’re
clean and cared for and that you’re wearing them on the right foot.

Jacob's tip: Socks are an often overlooked element of a man’s wardrobe but prove an excellent way to express the fun side of your personality. Don’t be afraid to bring a little colour to your ensemble with the pop of a sock. Just promise us there’ll be no novelty cartoon characters.