Make sure the groom survives the stag do, get to the church on time, and follow these smart style tips for a successful wedding season

Keep it smart casual at…

The Stag Do

Full marks if you’ve used a stag do as an excuse for a sunny holiday with your mates, but what to pack? Unless you’ve been forced into wearing a neon pink T-shirt with ‘Big Les On Tour’ printed on the back, there’s no excuse for you not to look good.

This get-up (pictured) will see you from sun-up to sun-down and into the early hours in style. We recommend a fairly muted, yet summery colour pallet of olive green and cream that creates a cool and sophisticated look.

Smart footwear is imperative, you need a shoe to get you past the most draconian of club dress codes, the only wrong choice here is a trainer. Why not try a loafer? These smart-casual classics look great and are seriously comfy. Plus you have the bonus of not having to wear socks with them; perfect for a hot night on the tiles.

Bring the blazer out at…

The Main Event

A good suit is a big investment, but despite all that money spent it can end up stuck at the back of your wardrobe till the next big wedding. There is another way: the ever-versatile chino and blazer combo.

These two style staples can easily be worn separately, for a night out or at an office with more easy-going dress code, but put together and it’s a razor-sharp look for a wedding. Don’t be afraid to vary the tones between the two items, we’ve gone for dark navy on the bottom but brightened the look with tobacco-colour shoes, white soles and a pop from the pink socks.

For the shirt, think linen. Made from the fibres of the flax plant, this fabric keeps you cool and fresh, so when you take off your jacket at the sit down dinner you’ll be thankfully sweat patch free.

Unleash the florals at…

The After Party

There’s a fairly good chance that you’ll both look and feel so good in your blazer-chino combo that you’re not going to want to take them off. But if like most weddings there is hefty after party to attend, you might want to freshen yourself up.

Most people will wear one outfit for the entire event but we’re all for taking a breather, throwing off the shackles, and coming back to the dance floor with something a little more left-field to bust those move in.

Here we’ve gone for a tasteful floral and followed through by taking the colours from the print and matching them with the belt and blazer. Of course, you don’t want anything to hold you back (or to go down with a hamstring injury during Gangnam Style), so a clean white trainer is the perfect choice, comfy and classy and ideal for a bit of big fish, little fish, cardboard box.