Nail smart workwear and pub garden chic with these simple summer tips

Lose the tie, add the shorts
If you’re lucky enough to have a smart/casual dress code for your office, then doing a quick change into a pub suitable after work outfit isn’t so hard. Try swapping in a short for your chinos once the clock strikes 5pm, ditch the tie, roll your sleeves up and get a beer in your hand sharpish. This is the ideal look to soak up some of that late beer garden sun.

Style tip: Don’t overlook other colours such as this rich forest green. Too many of us stick to navy and black when there’s a whole host of other smart-looking hues available. This one walks the line between smart and casual to perfection.

Layer-up a T-shirt
Don’t want to carry a whole other new outfit for the end of the working day? Then this one is for you. It may sound painfully simple, but wearing a T-shirt under your office wear means that when it’s finally time to head to the pub terrace, all you have to do is lose the shirt and you have a dressed-down look ready and waiting. And those valuable seconds you’ve saved means you get to the bar all the quicker.

Style tip: The shoe/trainer hybrid has become a phenomena in recent years, there’s so many on the market you can’t fail to find one you like. They make the perfect work-to-bar shoe, so ask your stylist to put a pair in your next trunk.

Swap in a trainer
If your work get-up is a bit more strict, that doesn’t rule out a quick change by any means. In fact, we love a trainer/suit combo, so when the opportunity arises (like afterwork drinks), we jump at the chance to rock this look. Put your office shoes in your bag, and slip into something a little more comfortable and laid back. Now for a drink on us (please don’t send the invoice!)

Style Tip: It’s said that there are more varieties of trainers now than there are grains of sand on a beach (disclaimer: we can’t prove this) and making the call of which ones are for you can be tough. So instead of going down the usual sports route, why not try this deck shoe hybrid from Sperry? It’s suitably summery and smart.