Age should never be a barrier to getting your knees out. The Chapar presents four foolproof ways to looking great in shorts.

The Smarter Man

What: The tailored chino short

Why: This clean lined and unfussy style is the perfect go-to for any man, no matter what your age. They’re smart, practical and comfy – what’s not to like? On top of that, they’re so versatile that they’ll go with pretty much anything you own and are perfect for just about any occasion.

Style with: Why not take it to the next level pairing with an unconstructed blazer? This summer-suitable jacket really takes your shorts game up a notch, meaning that breezy legs in the restaurant are not unattainable. Ask your stylist for a selection of breathable linen shirts to finish this combo off.


The BBQ Boss
What: The denim classics 

Why: Even at the most casual of events you should project your best self, but that doesn’t always mean donning a shirt and tie or having polished shoes. No, it’s all about judging the occasion, and a BBQ calls for proper clobber. When the coals are on you want an outfit that makes you look like not only can you cook the beast, but you hunted it also. Of course, if you’re veggie, this still stands, you handsome halloumi hunter.

Style with: It’s probably best to leave your old Slayer T-shirt in the draw, not only do you not want to look like a retired roady (though there’s nothing uncool about that) but it’d be a shame to get sausage oil on it. Instead, this outdoorsy combo of clashing stripes and checks make the perfect accompaniment with denim classics.

The Weekend Warrior

What: The lightweight sports short

Why: There are few things more comfy than a good breezy sport short. This silky-soft, uber-movable style was obviously made for exercise, but let’s not be slavish to rules. Whether you’re thinking about pumping iron in them or not, these should be your go-to weekend shorts for walking the dog, fetching the paper or running for last orders at the bar.

Style with: There should be absolutely no doubt when stepping into a sport short what its natural pairing is, and that’s a trainer. It doesn’t matter what colour or variety, a classic Converse will work just as well as a contemporary Nike, the main thing is that its grounding is in sport. If you want to throw a curve ball, then a sporty sandal or slide is just as acceptable.

The Summer Casual

What: The printed short

Why: Adding printed detail can bring something a bit ‘extra’ to your outfit. We do this fairly regularly with our T-shirts and shirts, but when it comes to our bottom half, a print can be trickier and become visually overwhelming. Why not start with something subtle, like these palm-patterned khakis, stylish but above all easy.

Style with: Following through with the subtle theme, try keeping the colours the same but going for a darker or lighter tone, then freshen it up with a white or a cream. Don’t overthink the rest of your get-up, especially if you’re hitting the beach or pool. If you haven’t tried a pair of sophisticated espadrilles then you’re missing out, ask your stylist to include a pair of these light and airy slip-ons in your next trunk.