Keep your stripes narrow
It’s something the French have known for years, stripes can make you look damn good. But there’s a catch: they should be dark, narrow and horizontal, anything else, according to psychologists can do the reverse and add on pounds you don't actually have. Luckily for us classic narrow Breton stripe remains a perennial strong look for any stylish man.

Be careful with your belt
Take a quick look at this picture of James Van Der Beek, it’s a textbook example of how one wrong item can spoil a perfectly good outfit. The Dawson’s Creek protagonist has made himself look short and fat, quite a feat for someone who’s 6'1" and in good shape, by cutting himself in half with tan-coloured belt. Avoid this pitfall by ensuring your belt is the finishing touch to your outfit rather than the focal point.

Don’t go baggy
Getting the right fitting clothes not only makes you look smarter it can also give the impression you’re taller than you actually are. And men of height are more likely to be perceived as powerful according to a study by scientists at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

The majority of men wrongly think that wearing baggier clothes can hide any problem areas, but it simply makes your whole body look bigger.

Wear more darker hues
Perhaps unsurprisingly there’s been no university or science facility ready to pump millions of pounds into finding concrete proof that black clothing really can make you look thinner. However, Galileo back in 16th Century discovered that black dots are perceived by the mind as smaller than white dots, which is good enough for us. Great philosophers aside, darker hues do tend to hide creases and folds in your body better - and when fitted right - have that Bond-like air.

Let your shirt hang loose
Ok, not one for most offices but for an evening out break those school rules and say no to tucking in. An Oxford shirt with a button down collar is blessed with the versatility of looking good in or out of your trousers. Unlike a formal one, they are generally cut to length and can hit that ‘smart casual’ note perfectly when they’re let loose.

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