Our essential style tips for when the temperature soars

Hot Weather Mens Clothing
It’s A Material Thing

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office, at the pub or settling down in front of the TV, getting hot and sweaty is never a strong look. It’s imperative during these steamier of days that you dress to keep your cool, literally and in the style department. 

Rather than going head-to-toe tech in florescent state of the art sports gear, opt for some old school natural fabrics like cotton, linen and hemp. With their loose weave constructions they allow air in and out, and to circulate around the body, keeping you nice and chilled. 

Hot Weather Mens Clothing
Lighten Up, Buddy

It may be the oldest trick in the ‘OMG it’s too hot!’ summer style book, but wearing light colours such as white, beige and khaki will reflect the sun’s heat and keep you cool in the process. 

If you don’t own a white pair of trousers, now is the time to ask your stylist to include a pair in your next trunk. Put away your jeans for the few sunny months we have, and make these your summer go-to, they look great with everything from a smart blazer to a quickly thrown-on t-shirt.  

Hot Weather Mens Boat Shoes
Live Life Sans Socks

When the heat hits, there are only so many layers you can remove without ending up in the HR office explaining why you were at your desk in just your tighty whities. So before you get to that trouser-shedding moment, why not try peeling off that one final acceptable layer first? Your socks. 

The key to this look is making sure you have the the right shoes; a penny loafer or the ever-classic deck shoe will do perfectly. These two styles work great without woolly ankle warmers, look smart, and will stay largely whiff-free. Plus, you can always use a spot of talc to keep the sweet at bay.

Hot Weather Mens Clothing
Add A Floral Flourish

There’s something about a sunny day that makes us more comfortable doing things a little more left field, and rightly so. Wearing bright colours for example when the mercury goes past 25c.  Or a lunchtime beer on a scorching Friday in July.  Doubling down on patterns also fits the bill and can add much needed pep to most wardrobes. 

Try matching more complicated patterns such as a floral or even a camo with a simpler stripe, this is a fool proof way for introducing a more dynamic side to your summer get-up. As always, a pair of white trainers make the perfect foil for this ever-stylish combo. 

Hot Weather Mens Scent
Smell Good

As all smart men know, smelling great is a prerequisite to leaving the house in the morning. Hopefully all of us have the basics on lock by now, but still far too many of men overlook that added bit of personal refinement of wearing cologne. 

A good cologne is a must have, but why not make your scent seasonal too? Think fresh and clean for hotter months and deep and musky for the winter. Ask your stylist to include this citrusy Eden Park eau de toilette in your next trunk, it’s our pick for summer.