This weekend Prince Harry will wed Meghan Markle in one of the most talked about occasions of the year, but we’re much more interested in the partying that takes place before the big event. Harry’s stag do may be a more lavish affair but there’s no reason why you can’t plan a stag do to rival the royals. Here are our top 5 stag do destinations fit for a king:

1. Ibiza

The classic stag do destination: beers, booze, beaches. Ibiza promises glorious sunshine pretty much all year round and endless amount of activities to entertain you well into the night.

During the summer months, be sure to pay a visit to Ushuaïa - the world famous open air club plays host to live DJs and artists most nights from June through to September.

Partying not your scene? It’s not all drinking and dancing - head off the beaten track to Cala Llentrisca, a secluded beach that’s slightly harder to find (it’s not accessible by road) but worth the journey for the peace and quiet.

Although not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ibiza, it’s also a great island for hopping on a bike and exploring by pedal power. Head to a bike rental company with your pals and spend the day topping up your tan whilst taking in the views.

2. Kiev

Kiev may not be top of everyone’s list when planning a stag do, but with cheap beer, bustling nightlife and untapped culture, it’s a place worth thinking about.

If you’re after history, head to the ‘Museum of One Street’ to learn all about Ukraine’s capital city on its most well known street - Andriyivsky Descent. A small street that used to connect upper Kiev to the more commercial district, it’s packed with historical landmarks to explore.

For a more unusual sight (but one that will look great on your instagram), pay a visit to the statues of Peeing Colours. Pretty much what it says on the tin, you can find the statue of four boys peeing colourful urine in a central Kiev park.

For the hardcore party-goers, Closer is a must. Voted amongst one of the top 20 best nightclubs in the world, once inside be prepared for partying well into the night (and the next morning).

3. Budapest

The combination of the cities Buda and Pest, Budapest is a great choice if you’re watching the pennies - you can get yourself a lager for only 88p!  

No trip to Budapest is complete without visiting the thermal baths. Szechenyi Bath is the most popular one and it’s open every single day of the year. By day, the baths are perfect for relaxing in one of the 18 geothermal pools. If you’re visiting over the weekend, make sure you visit the baths by night to experience the infamous pool party.

Feeling a bit worse for wear? Head to Margaret Island to get away from the crowds and sleep off your hangover in this green haven.

4. Copenhagen

Home to the happiest people in the world, with Scandinavian architecture and a laid back approach to life, it’s easy to see why.

Whilst in Copenhagen, visiting Freetown Christiania is a must. Previously a military base, it was left abandoned for years before a group of hippies began squatting there in the 1970s. Since then it has grown into its own community, with around 900 people calling it home. The most interesting part of Christiania is that it operates under its own rules and regulations, independent of the Danish government, hence the ‘Freetown’ name. It’s renowned for its “Green Light District” where the locals sell cannabis. Make sure you save the holiday snaps when you’re in this particular area though, cannabis is illegal in Denmark and although the government turn a blind eye on Christiania, the residents aren’t huge fans of their ‘activities’ being broadcast.

For a slightly (very) underwhelming tourist attraction, but one you have to visit simply because everyone will ask you if you saw it, head to The Little Mermaid. This statue really lives up to its name, it is tiny. Based on the slightly darker fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen, this version of the story isn’t as ‘happily ever after’ compared to the Disney tale we all know and love.

Looking for a classic stag do activity? Wander down to Brus in Nørrebro and try one of the many craft beers they have on tap. They even have on site brewing facilities where the brewery is constantly experimenting with new flavours.

5. Dublin

Fancy staying a bit closer to home? Jump on a plane to Dublin and you’ll be drinking Guinness in a couple of hours.

Talking of Guinness, make a day of it at the Guinness storehouse to learn all about Ireland’s most famous beer, finishing on a rooftop bar where you can try it for yourself.

To really get into the Irish spirit, get the guys together and organise a game of Gaelic football. Played mainly in Ireland with a goal similar to those used in rugby but the players use both their hands and feet to control and pass the ball.

Come night time, there’s no shortage of things to do in Ireland’s capital. Probably the most famous area is The Temple Bar. Spread over cobbled lanes with quaint pubs, restaurants and boutique shops, there’s something for everyone here.