BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND! Three words that you don’t hear nearly enough every year. Maybe you’re taking advantage of the extra time and jetting off for the break, or planning on drinking yourself under the table in front of the Champions League. Maybe you’re getting some downtime and a much needed recharge. Excellent choice! We’re in the golden age of television after all, so if you’re spending your weekend in watching telly, here are our top 5 picks for you.

Where: NowTV, Sky

Think Jurassic Park with robots (coincidentally written by the same author), Westworld is a wild west theme park where humans can interact with human-like counterparts or “hosts”, with which they may do whatever they will- even the nasty stuff. Think you have the picture? Throw in a few programming errors and growing consciousness in a few of the hosts and you have a nail biting thriller that looks like “Red Dead Redemption” meets “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” 

Altered Carbon
Where: Netflix

Imagine downloading your consciousness onto a memory stick, sticking it in a dropbox or pinging it over on WeTransfer into another body. Enter Takeshi Kovacs, who wakes up from imprisonment with a fresh new bod and an offer to live again, but at a price. He must solve the knotty and perplexing murder case- of the millionaire who woke him up.

Where: Netflix

College dropout Mike Ross runs from a dodgy drug deal to wangle an interview with top NYC lawyer Harvey Specter, who happens to be looking for someone different. Mike cuts through the competition with his trained eye and ability to think on his feet- as well as a complete lack of legal experience. The two become a force to be reckoned with, but can Mike’s empathy and connection to each case penetrate Harvey’s cold blooded, steely thoughts?

Bob’s Burgers
Where: NowTV

If you would rather some easily digestible TV to nurse your hangover in front of whilst still offering you a giggle or two, look no further than Bob’s Burgers. Bob and Linda run a burger shop with their three excitable children aged 13 to 9. Tina is a hormonal, lovesick teen with a penchant for fanfiction and boys butt’s, Gene is a loud and energetic 11 year old who loves to make music, and Louise is their wacky, plotting, power hungry youngest. Expect riotous mischief and hilarity to ensue in their quirky exploits

Game of Thrones
Where: NowTV

In a region similar to fifteenth century England where seasons last for decades, royals rule and wall has been built up north to keep monsters out, there are bound to be politics involved. The show starts by introducing three main families, but soon builds momentum, opening the doors to an entire universe of characters. Chuck in a few dragons, assassin's and a witch and something is bound to go wrong.

If you haven’t already watched Game of Thrones, it’s about time you started. With the final season airing next year, you still have the opportunity to cram in all 7 current seasons before the hype is over. (there’s 63.5 hours of GoT ready to watch, and 72 hours in your 3 day weekend!)