Summer in the office has it perks: travelling to work in the sunshine, having lunch in the great outdoors, possibly clocking off early on a Friday for a drink (or two). But with it comes the perils of the heat, and some potentially serious hot weather style mistakes.

Fear not, let The Chapar be your guide to navigating sweltering work days while literally maintaining your cool.

Wearing heavy grey shirts
Dark patches of perspiration have never been a strong look in the office, but despite that some men still insist on wearing grey shirts in hot weather. Consign these, and other darker hues, to your wardrobe till the first leaves of Autumn drop and opt for a fresh white shirt in a lightweight cotton or better still, linen.

Unleashing the board shorts
Sporting shorts to work is a akin to walking across a minefield blindfolded - one wrong move and you’ll end up losing something important. In this case blowing your chances of promotion rather than your legs off. If you can get away with airing your pins in the boardroom always go for a neat chino short that finishes just above your knee.

Going sockless
Style magazines will argue that being sock free is the peak of fashion but these guys spend their days in air conditioned show rooms musing over whether indigo or crimson is the new black. For the rest us, if you want that sockless look you’ll require ‘invisible’ sports socks that finish at the line of your shoe. With 250,000 sweat glands in your feet, by 5.30pm you (and your work colleagues) will be thankful you wore them.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart Shades
Here’s a good rule to live by: if anything you own has ever been worn by a professional wrestler in the ring, it’s definitely not OK to wear it to the office. That includes bandannas, spandex and wraparound shades. For work day eyewear stick with rounded-framed retro classics or, for a little more refinement and cool, Ray-Ban Clubmaster.

Colour bombing
Yes, the summer is the time to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe but there’s a line, and if anyone in your office looks like he could be presenting CBeebies, he’s most definitely crossed it. Pick one bright colour for your outfit and pair with some more muted hues, such as a pink shirt with dark blue chinos.