The Champions League is coming up this weekend and as of Thursday, the majority of messages on phones around the country will read:  "who's getting the beers in?".  You could opt for the usual six pack, or you could push the boat out for the occasion and grab a selection of craft beers. Stuck on where to start? We've got you covered. Read on to see our top selection of craft beers to enjoy the match with. 

Orbit Peel Belgian Ale
Brewery: Walworth, South London
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We Say: A pale yellow brew with a powerfully hoppy taste with the addition of English brewing sugar bringing notes of honey, which compliment its black pepper and lemon notes. The result is an exquisitely dry and drinkable refreshment that will keep you coming back.
Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer
Brewery: Holloway, North London
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We Say: Umbrella have made it their mission to create the greatest alcoholic ginger beer on the market since it’s invention in 1800’s Yorkshire, and they’re doing a bloody excellent job if we say so! They use natural ingredients to make thirst quenching ginger beer with a fiery taste and citrus flavour, before slapping some sexy artwork on it (the current collection is inspired by The Rolling Stones).
Top Tip: Gently flip the bottle upside down before you open it to awaken the ginger.
Rothaus Alkoholfrei
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We Say: Rothaus Alkoholfrei (alcohol free) is exactly that, but nevertheless deserves a mention for the designated drivers amongst you. The bottle streams a clear, pale gold colour with a reasonable spread of foam on top. There’s a light and tangy taste to the dry Rothaus, with a slightly metallic taste. Great for a few, but not our new favourite.
The Kernel India Pale Ale
Brewery: Bermondsey, South East London
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We Say: Delightfully refreshing and drinkable, this hazy golden beer has a solid and balanced taste as well as a small head and fruity citrus aroma that will charm your palate. Not bad for a single hop!
St. Bernardus Tripel
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We Say: Boasting 8% Alcohol content, the St. Bernardus is deep and rich but surprisingly light with floral and caramel notes which culminate in a gorgeously sweet fragrance that isn’t overwhelmingly reflected in the flavour. Medium bodied with decent head on it too, we think we may have fallen in love!

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