There are certain things a man should own for a complete, more fulfilled life: a Swiss Army knife, at least one Bruce Springsteen record (1975’s Born to Run obviously) and the following style essentials...

1. Quality Tees

Don’t scrimp on a paper-thin, misshapen-at-the-first-wash, supermarket t-shirts, they may be literally cheaper than chips but they’re a false economy. Instead opt for a high quality, soft-to-the-touch tee like those from Whistles or Calvin Klein (ask your Chapar stylist to include one in your trunk).

2 & 3. A Blue Blazer and White Shirt

A blazer and shirt combo will work with pretty much anything (jogging bottoms aside), smartening up and raising the level of any ensemble. Ditch the suit, at least on Fridays, and make these your new go-to-work attire.

4. Indigo Jeans

Good jeans are almost unquantifiable in their importance in a man’s style-artillery: versatile, comfy, long-lasting, smart or casual,… they have it all. Life is just too short for poor quality denim, and besides, you’ll have them on more than anything else you own, so ensure they’re a worthy pair.

5. New Pants

Boxers should be upgraded as regularly as your computer’s operating system. Old pants, just like your OS, shouldn’t be allowed to get out-of-date and riddled with holes, it makes you susceptible to things getting in and out that you really wouldn’t want.

6. Classic Converse

As worn by Kurt Cobain, Kevin Bacon, Rocky, Bowie, Fred Savage, Marty McFly and Elvis. What other reasons do you need to don probably the coolest and most enduring pair of trainers ever created? Go on, add your name to this list now.

7. A Black Belt

Holds your trousers up and allows you to make weak jokes about your karate skills - that’s a strong double whammy in our eyes. Invest in quality leather one and it’ll last you so long you’ll be handing it down to your son to keep his trousers up, and his son’s after that.

8. A Serious Watch

Imagine if James Bond had to check his phone for the time… it would instantly diminish his hard-earned badass demeanor. While your day job might not be nullifying rogue agents, you can still gain plenty of Bond-like class with a quality timepiece.

9. A Grey Sweatshirt

Pull a grey marl sweat over your head and, we can’t explain the science, but you will instantly feel (and look) more comfortable, sporty and stylish. Try asking your Stylist to send you one, you'll see.

10. Brown Derbies

This robust, versatile shoe is the ideal choice of footwear to keep you looking dapper in the office while smart and stylish on an evening out; they go as well with a suit as they do chinos or indigo jeans. Put simply, you deserve a pair.