About Us

Since 2012 The Chapar has changed the way men think about shopping.

In 2019 The Chapar acquired new ownership and with it a new vision to ensure that personal styling & shopping for men is more engaging and innovative than ever.

Our personal styling service is about more than just looking stylish, it is about providing you with the lifestyle you deserve – and lifestyle begins from your wardrobe.

The Chapar Team

We’re proud to say that The Chapar has been relaunched with a new focus on ease of use, quality of brands and a dedication to offering a tailored and personalised service to our members, as well as redefining men’s shopping.

We’ve listened to our customers feedback and believe the brand should be shaped around the needs of the individual, who is often busy with both work and play. That’s why we have redeveloped our offering and way of working with customers.

As part of our relaunch, we have introduced the innovative “Virtual Trunks” for our new members– the online shopping version of our well known Chapar trunk, styled by us!

The physical Chapar trunk is available as part of our Premium offering, with an extra touch of personalisation and more benefits to come.

The Chapar’s purpose has always been to make shopping easier for men and to ensure you look amazing! This is done through our expert stylists who act as point of access to a world of high-end men’s fashion.

We understand that our customers see clothes as more than a practical consideration, fashion is about more than just looking presentable, it is about a lifestyle and state of mind.

This is why our Stylists are the core of what we do and the main point of contact for all of our members. We believe that
communication & feedback is the basis for the best output, so feel free to contact your personal stylist for anything you need or even to brief them on any special occasions you need to dress for! Meet our styling team.


Meet the stylists

You’ll be matched with your own personal Stylist who will hand pick outfits specifically for you. Think of them as your best friend – with much better dress sense


As the Head of Styling, she is all about the detail & ensures all of our clients look and feel great.


Excellent visual eye with an extreme yet adaptable sense of style.


Enjoys helping a gentleman show his personality through his style.


Loves a clean, minimal style that will stay forever current.