7 timeless style combinations every man needs in his wardrobe

High neck + classic coat

We love a high-necked zipped knit, it’s the perfect blend of ye olde world materials
and contemporary styling. It looks great with a multitude of garments but in our
opinion shines at its brightest when worn under a smart coat or jacket. Here it’s paired with the classic and epically dapper long camel car coat, for a modern and
sophisticated edge.

Jeans + Chelsea boot

Even though this boot makes for a versatile investment, its perfect balance between refinement and rugged masculinity means it strikes perfect harmony with a quality denim. And, as they both get older, they’ll gain in personality through wear and only get better with age (just like you).

A smart hoody + trainers

We’re always surprised how many men think wearing shoes with a hoody is a strong look. The two just don’t go together, it’s like tuna and chocolate; lovely in their own right but never to be combined. Instead, stick with your trainers – this wholesome marriage between two style staples will do you well till the end of time, or impending zombie apocalypse.

Matching accessories 

Wearing matching coloured accessories is the oldest trick in the styling manual, but
that makes it no less effective. It both brings a balance to your get-up and makes it
look as though you’ve carefully considered and constructed your outfit… which
hopefully you have.

Denim + denim

That’s right, it’s double denim, or the Canadian Tuxedo if you’d prefer. The trick to
looking awesome in this classically cool but somewhat risky ensemble is to mismatch the tones of your denim. For example, here we’ve paired blue with black, but you’d get the same effect if you swap out the black jeans for a raw indigo or even a summery white denim.

Shirt + t-shirt

A shirt can generally be worked three ways: closed, open, and tied around your neck like a super hero cape. For mere mortals like ourselves we recommend the first two options, with spring being the perfect time to try it open after a winter with your buttons firmly up. Layering is the ideal way to do this, having a smart simple t-shirt underneath, and a lightweight jacket for extra warmth.

Navy + pink

Who doesn’t love having a bit of colour at their disposal when it comes to spring? The skill is not to let that pop of brightness dominate your outfit (unless you’re
deliberately trying to peacock, in which case, stick on those silver metallic pants and away you go). Offset the brightness with a more subdued colour such as navy to take your brightness down and your style points up a notch.