5 Style Tips To Make Sure You’re Office Party Ready

‘Tis the season for the annual work do. A time to let your hair down and look your best. But what to wear? Let The Chapar be of service…

Stepping through the doors of the Christmas shindig knowing that you look great is a very good feeling. The problem is it can take a bit of work: you want to stand out but, if you’re anything like us, you probably don’t want your outlandish choice of trousers to be the talk of the water cooler or the next day.

Here’s our five essential tips to help you navigate party season in style…

Break-Up Tailoring With Smart Denim

Here’s the conundrum: you want to break away from your normal office attire but you still want to look damn smart. If you wear tailoring to work, delivering that zing of sartorial sharpness while finding a different-enough party look might seem too tall an order.

The answer is a carefully put together jeans and blazer combo. Done right, it cuts through the stuffiness for a more party appropriate outfit. Just how sharp and head-turning you want to make that outfit is up to you.

We’ve opted for a dance-floor-ready classic white shirt and knitted tie, but a T-shirt or light crewneck knit would also suffice for a more casual approach. Like-wise, with your footwear, you can switch out more formal shoes for smart trainers (a good move if you intend to take on the CEO in a dance off).


Don’t Be Afraid To Go Casual

First of all, it’s important to recognise that ‘casual’ isn’t just a polite word for scruffy. When you do let your hair down (if you’re lucky enough to still have some) you still want to both feel good and look good.

That means no sloppy paint splattered jeans (obviously), threadbare shirts or tattered trainers. Instead inject a touch of class to your casual game with a quality knitted polo; this is the perfect way to execute a party-friendly look while keeping it comfy and relaxed. It’s as versatile as it is comfy and will go with jeans, chinos and trousers alike.

Ask your stylist to add a few options to your next trunk.


Introduce A Tie (Even With The Not-So-Obvious Shirts)

Just like tailoring, a tie doesn’t have to be work-like. One of our favourite things is to take a garment out of its usual environment and combine it with elements you might not naturally consider.

Take the example **above/below**, we’ve paired a tie with rugged and outdoorsy plaid shirting. The effect is to shift both items from their usual axis: elevating the shirt’s smartness and softening the tie.

Why not try this technique elsewhere in your wardrobe: wearing trainers with a full suit, or a sports gilet under a blazer. Yes, it’s a tad brave but it’s also very stylish.


A Great Shoe Is Essential

Never is this statement truer than during party season. It’s often said that you can judge a man by his shoes, so what would you make of the guy who turns up to the season’s marque event in a pair of old trainers?

If your answer is ‘cool’, there’s some serious work to be done. If, however, you’d advise him to go home and put on some statement shoes, you’re clearly a man who knows what’s required to make a good impression.

Leave the winkle pickers or red Cuban heels (unless that’s your vibe), and opt for a pair of shoes that deliver both on style and quality.

Good footwear is an investment and life is too short not to own at least one pair of truly amazing shoes. Think long term, avoid passing trends, and find a classic that will literally never go out of fashion. Ask your stylist what style works best for you.


Never Shirk Your Accessories

They may not be noticeable at first sight, but getting the small details right, can elevate your entire outfit and perfectly balance your look.

A well-chosen belt is a great example: it isn’t just a stylish adornment but acts as a visual punctuation to separate your body from your legs. For men, who might not be as tall as your average basketball player, this can make their legs look a little longer, while for the rest of us a belt can create a more flattering silhouette.

Whatever you do though, no matter how good the party, no taking it off and swinging it round your head when the night really gets going. And the same goes for ties. Now go forth and party.