Is the service free?

Yes, our service is completely free!  The styling, the consulting and the delivery is all completely free.  Ok, so you have to pay for the clothes you keep but we think that is fair.

What is your price range?

We position ourselves and supply brands that would fit in the premium section of the clothing market.  Our prices are similar to House of Fraser, John Lewis or Selfridges.  We are proud to stock great brands and work hard to find brands that provide excellent quality for their price.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver through to all EU countries. We offer next day delivery in the UK through our partnerships with the best couriers available. Shipments to outside the UK will usually take 2-3 working days. Our Stylists manage the delivery to make sure we help you keep it simple.

Who are you?

The management team consists of a father and son who are highly experienced in the industry and get on very well (most of the time).  They work closely with a third Director who is a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur.

For the interesting stuff we seek inspiration from our Creative Director, James Harvey-Kelly.  When he isn’t working with The Chapar he is a high end tailor.

Our striking look and feel can be attributed to our Graphic Designer Jowey Roden, to whom we are eternally grateful.

Finally, at the heart of the business is our team of Stylists.  We cherry-pick the finest brains from the world of fashion so that they can cherry-pick the perfect looks for you.

Is it possible to get a one-to-one consultation in person?

Yes.  Within London we are willing to make the effort to send a Stylist to come and meet you for consultation.  We can meet at your offices or at a convenient public location.  We like Starbucks.  If you are interested in applying for an appointment please email us on stylists@thechapar.com. You just have to buy the coffee!

What style of clothes do you offer?

We believe that menswear is most successful when it is worn clean, sharp and well presented.  However, this doesn’t have to pigeon-hole you into one 'style'.  We offer a broad range of looks and styles from classic to preppy to rakish.  We will find the style that suits you best.

How many garments are there per delivery?

We include around ten garments in your Trunk.  This will vary slightly depending on the selection made by your Stylist.

What happens if I like something but it doesn’t fit?

Your Stylist will try and get your sizing perfect but if we miss the mark slightly but you still like that item, tell your Stylist and we will arrange to deliver the right size out to you.

How do I get the clothes back to you?

Simply fold the clothes back in the Trunk, use the tape and returns label included in the Trunk and speak to your Stylist to arrange a pick up time.  We ask that the clothes are returned with their labels on and in a re-saleable condition, otherwise we will have to charge you for them.

How frequently are clothes sent out?

To maintain a fresh wardrobe we suggest ordering a Trunk quarterly, however this is completely up to you.

Can I buy items I see on your website through you? (ie. without having to wait for it to be in a delivery/buying it elsewhere)

Of course.  If you see anything you particularly like just mention it to your Stylist in the notes during the Style Consultation and we will include it in your Trunk.  If you have any particular brand preferences again just mention this in the notes.

I'm a busy man, what happens if the delivery arrives while I'm at work?
In this case we suggest you order your Trunk to be delivered to your place of work.  We are finding that our customers are more and more comfortable with this, as are our couriers.
Do you supply formal wear?

For the time being we are sticking to what we know best and that is casual wear.  By that we mean weekend and evening wear.  We want to provide the ultimate service and aren’t yet confident we can do that with formal wear.  We’ll stick to nailing casual wear.

How do I pay?

Upon ordering your first Trunk we take a nominal £1 payment from your credit card.  This validates your card and keeps both you and us safe.  Once you know what you are keeping we charge you for the total price of the items and deduct the £1 then.  If you do not want to keep anything we will refund the £1 back into your account.  We have partnered with WorldPay, who are industry leaders.


If you have anything to say or ask please do get in touch with your Stylist or email us at hello@thechapar.com.  We really appreciate the feedback.