a) Are there any costs for using The Chapar?

No. You only pay for the clothes you keep at the normal price you’d expect to pay in-store. We sell our clothes at full retail price to cover the costs of the service.

b) How much does a Trunk cost?

We position ourselves and supply brands that would fit in the premium section of the clothing market. Our prices are similar toJohn Lewis, House of Fraser or Selfridges. We are proud to stock great brands and work hard to find brands that provide excellent quality for their price.

c) How will I know what the items in my Trunk cost?

In your Trunk you will receive a list of the clothes listing all their prices.

d) Do you do sales or discount periods?

We deliver a high quality service, so don’t offer sales or discounting.

e) Why do you charge my credit card £1?

We take a £1 payment from your card when you order your first Trunk to verify the credit card and prevent fraud. After your first Trunk we will ensure that £1 deposit is deducted from your first purchase.

f) When will I be charged?

You have 10 days to try on the clothes at home. You decide which clothes you want to keep and we only charge you for the clothes you have kept. Before sending out your first Trunk we need to have a valid credit card on file.

If you don’t ship your Trunk back within 10 days of delivery, you will be charged for the entire order on the eleventh day. Don’t worry: If you do get charged, we’ll still take back unworn items in their original condition for a prompt, full refund. If you need more time than 10 days, request an extension by emailing