a) How does The Chapar work?

The Chapar is a personal shopping service for men. You get your own personal Stylist. Your Stylist will reach out to you over phone or email to learn a bit more about you and understand your personal tastes. Your Stylist will then make a selection of clothes that are picked to suit your tastes. We then send that selection out to you in one of our Trunks. You have 10 days to try all the clothes on. Keep the clothes you love and send back the rest. We arrange and cover the cost of shipping both ways. We include a pre-paid shipping label in your Trunk and you just need to contact your Stylist to arrange a good collection time.

b) How do I sign up for The Chapar?

It’s simple! You can get started here.

c) How often will I receive a Trunk?

That’s completely up to you. We are not a subscription business where you are locked in for a delivery monthly, for example. Trunks are sent only upon request. If you do want regular deliveries, then of course that’s just something you need to tell your Stylist and we’ll arrange for that to happen.

d) Can I wear the clothes and then send them back?

Try everything on at home, but don’t wear the clothes out unless you intend to purchase them. Clothes that are returned damaged, worn or generally in an unsalable condition will be charged to your account.

e) I’ve just signed up. When should I expect my Trunk?

Your Stylist will contact you to have a consultation. After this conversation your Trunk will arrive in 3-6 working days. Your Stylist will also keep you updated on when exactly you should expect your Trunk.

f) Can I give The Chapar as a gift?

Absolutely. The best thing to do is to purchase a gift card. We can send the gift card in the post or email to either yourself or directly to the recipient.

Alternatively, if you’d like to arrange a whole Trunk in time for a special occasion like a birthday, simply sign up with your own telephone number and email address and your Stylist will liaise with you to prepare the Trunk. Bear in mind you should allow at least a week to ensure the Trunk is with you in time.

g) Who are the Stylists?

The Stylists are the brains of the operation. Our Stylists are a great and diverse group who all share a deep knowledge of menswear and are also trained up to know our brands and customers inside out.

If you are interested in becoming a Stylist, please contact us at

h) Can I choose a particular Stylist?

Of course. Make sure you specify the Stylist’s name when you sign up, or let us know when you get contacted the first time.

i) How old are your customers?

We have an extremely wide membership and can dress all age brackets. Our youngest member is, well, young, and our oldest customer is pretty old! They are a couple of generations apart, shall we say.

j) How should I refer friends who would also like my Stylist?

There’s no better compliment than introducing us to a friend who would also enjoy using the service. Please do introduce your Stylist to anyone who you think would love what we do and your Stylist will be sure to follow up.

k) Will I be charged if I return everything in my Trunk?

No, as long as the clothes are returned in their original condition with the tags attached, you will not be charged.

l) Will you help me if the trousers inseam isn’t quite right?

Most of our brands supply their trousers in short, regular and long. However, if you love a pair of trousers, but the length isn’t quite right, just tell your Stylist and we will take off £10 from the cost to fund you to head to a local tailors or dry cleaners, where they should be able to alter them for around that price.